Tips For Better Marketing to Millenials in 2023 πŸ’β€β™€οΈ


The way to get the best out of your marketing to millenials in 2023 is by understanding that the generation has been living with social media, Google and digital advertising for a long time.

The Millennials is the generation of adults from 18 to 37 years old, are the largest demographic in the United States. They make up for more than 30% of the United States population, and in 2013 they spent a ridiculous amount of 1.3 trillion dollars in goods and services.

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Our Millenials are a bigger crowd than the Baby Boomers and the generation X that came before them; they will think and purchase in a different way as well.

They grew up in a harsh economy post-Depression and are quite differently planning their lives around family, careers and savings than their predecessors. Nothing wrong with that, but they are not making decisions the same way.

Marketers are simply not used to dealing with people who are so hard to sell to. Usually marketing to millenials will be a combination of a lot of great reviews, enticing visuals and videos showing the product rather than just a simple ad with a great price.

Here are several tips you can implement into your digital marketing strategies to best reach Millennials. πŸ‘‡πŸ»

πŸ‘ŒMillenial Marketing = Mobile Optimization

Marketing for millenials has everything to do with “on the spot” and ease of use. Everyone carries an Iphone or a big screen Android phone and they are using it A LOT. You’ll want to make sure that whatever platform you’ll be sending your potential millenial customer on, that it’s fully mobile optimized.

βœ…Engaging Brand and millenial personality

Millennials were born in the digital era, nothing goes past them when it comes to the internet. They sure as hell will do their research, know more about your brand and learn how your customer responded to your products. Check out how to grow your personal brand on Instagram right here:

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Having a face to your company, business or brand is essential as they are used to social media marketing so much, they need you to engage with them. Keeping your branding simple, avoid flash as much as possible and be there for their questions and concerns. The attention span has changed a whole lot since social media is a daily tool. You’ll want to answer their messages on any of your available platforms as soon as possible to avoid them going to your competition.

Be sure to write as if it was a conversation as opposed to a sales pitch. They don’t like to be sold to, they want to be making the decisions.

πŸ‘ŒBe sure to connect with them, wherever they are

Engage in social media where the Millennials spend the most time. 90% of all Millennials will be on the internet looking at other things while watching TV, and they watch an average of 5 hours and 49 minutes of online video per week. Think about making short, to the point videos of your products, how they work and have people reviewing them and making them available to everyone to watch. Check out the report on Advertising Age about how millenials tend to swap medias 27 times an hour!

βœ…Get user-generated content on your site

Something to keep in mind is that marketing to millenials also involves having compelling content that has been user-generated. This means that you should entice your customers to give reviews, post their favorite product/service and offer real testimonials you can showcase on your website.

How to Market to Millenials in 2023 - Marketing Millenials Tips 2023 - How To do Millenial Marketing 2023 - 002

πŸ‘ŒMake your brand feel genuine, give back

Think about it this way, millenials love to be part of a cause and if it’s not them, it has to be you. Millenials are way more likely to engage with a brand and buy from them if they know that company or brand is giving back to a cause that they care about.

If you’re creating organic face cleansing produts, give back a part of your profits to a wildlife fund or the conservation of the rainforest per example.

Be sure to promote this incentive on your website with a simple banner and perhaps a counter of how much your brand has given back to the world. They’ll thank you for it by being a loyal customer.

You want to be there, present, available in order to succeed at marketing to the millenial generation. In return, once they find a product they love, they are absolutely loyal to it. I surveyed women in their 20s who buy the same face cream, same body soap and same concealer for 10 years.

Not because it’s cheaper, hell it’s way more expensive than a ton of deals they could find out there. Simply because the company is always available if something comes up and returns are as easy as they get.

Who knew treating your customers right would make them loyal to your brand πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

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