5 Easy Ways To Make Money Working From Home in 2020

Read this and you’ll be able to make money working from home in 2020👔

When it comes to ways to make money working from home in 2020 online, there’s no shortness of options if you look deep enough. Internet has been a goldmine of information on how to truly make it happen. Before, it used to be a way to communicate from one party to another, but now it gives the freedom to work from anywhere.

We’ll go through some of the best options that will help you get started in order to get a side hustle or even full time job working from home, avoiding the morning commute and achieve financial freedom to really do what you feel like doing. Whether it’s to travel and work from remote locations or to just be home with your kids, husband/wife, loved ones or beloved pet all day giving them belly rubs!

Why choose to work from home


Getting your online business is much simpler than a storefront, it doesn’t take any or very little investment, no overhead of products in most cases (upfront costs to buy inventory) and for the first year or two, you probably won’t need to hire anyone as you can fulfill your customer needs by yourself.  Make Money Working From Home in 2020 has never been easier, there’s a million resources to help you and we list a bunch of them right here.

There’s a few more reasons to work online, here’s a few right here:

  • You can work 24 hours a day, wake up and go to bed whenever you please
  • Little to no cost to get started, no need to put out a massive loan in most cases.
  • Fast Delivery and little to no overhead
  • Very cheap to advertise online through social media as opposed to print/radio etc.
  • You can just work from anywhere you are, as long as you have wifi (and often you can just create content offline and upload it or update your content when you connect) giving you true freedom.

All you really need is communication skills, knowledge of a few tools and where to get the customers as there’s competition out there. We’ll go through that in a bit.

Note: Keep in mind that usually people who promote “get rich quick schemes, are full of it. You will need to work hard for a while unless you already have a huge social media following or website traffic, in which case, you should think about monetizing said accounts/website. Email us to learn how to do just that, quick and easy ways to monetize Instagram accounts.

How To Make Money Working From Home in 2020

Don’t just quit your day job and think this will pan out easy if you don’t know a hundred percent what you’re getting into. Think about it this way, there’s quite a bit of a learning curve when it comes to making it online. Trial and error is a huge part of it. You’ll need to know which ads work, which demographic really converts best and what content people consume most.

Let’s dive right in with a few ways you can make money, if not really good money if you put your mind and a lot of time into it.

1. Start Your Own Website or Blog

The most common and simple way is to use your knowledge of a subject and just make a website or at least a blog to connect with readers that want to consume your content. If you’re really knowledgeable about X & Y subject, use that knowledge and create content, articles, ebooks and push them on your website.

Here’s a simple example of how this can be achieved in less than 24h, and you can see profit quickly if you can promote it on social media while Google starts to rank your article through the Google Search Algorithm:

  • Create a website hosting account – Highly recommend SiteGround Hosting since it’s fast, cheap and extremely reliable. (I host a ton of sites, clients and landing pages and never had an issue with them. Plus their customer support is ridiculously good, always 1 minute max for live chat representative to fix your issues or answer questions to help you)
  • Find a theme (a design that is premade for your website to simplify the process of creating a website) that represents your niche, usually themeforest.com is a good place to start. They have a ton of themes in all niches with beautiful design. You can contact us to get custom themes for any niche at super cheap prices as well.

  • Optimize your homepage to represent what your blog/website is about: Make it look good and enticing for people to read and stay on your site. If you’re writing about pets, you want it to represent pets, not some corporate blog about financial freedom.
  • CREATE a ton of content and I don’t mean to make 1-2 blog posts a month… I mean really get into it. Come home from work and set yourself an hour or two to create an article
  • Find relevant visuals, pictures to spice up your blogs. Noone wants to read a 2000 words article on how to groom their dogs without any images. You can find a ton of free resources right here on pexels.com
  • In connection to the previous point, make sure your articles are long enough. Google loves articles that have about 1800 words in them. We know it’s a lot, but that’s how it works now. Due to saturation in the market, they prioritize articles that have more words  and better quality content.
  • Optimize from the point of view of a reader. Making sure that your articles can be easily read, flows nicely and that your “focus subject keyword” is there quite a bit.

To learn more about how to get started, just leave a comment in here or join our Facebook Group to get some advise and help: https://www.facebook.com/groups/grownerds/

2. Freelance Business

Freelancing is basically working from home by doing tasks people asks for and fulfilling said tasks. If you’re a good translator, you might want to go on the sites listed below and get gigs from people who needs content translated.

Simply visit freelancing websites and register an account. There’s a ton of websites like Fiverr or freelancer.com that offer freelancer opportunity to use your skills to make money online. You can make a good living working from home with sites like the ones above.


Someone will ask you to write 10 articles on lawn care, and if you are a creative writer or a good researcher, you can just bid on it, hope they choose you to be  their writer and do the work.

Don’t sell yourself short on those sites unless you really need quick money. If they ask to write articles and their budget is 10$ an article, there’s always gonna be a ton of people bidding 2-3$ to do the tasks, don’t be that person.

It just kills and saturates the gig economy with horrible services. Noone underbids by 400-500% and make the same quality content. They cut corner, copy other peoples work and so on.

3. Become an Affiliate Marketer

You don’t need to own your own products or provide your own services to make ends meet. I know plenty of people who make a killing selling other peoples content, services and products. Usually you’ll need to have traffic on your site or if you don’t, buy traffic by making ads on social media and search engines.

If you need help creating ads or someone to manage such ads, contact us and ask for Ad Creation / Management or again, visit our facebook group linked above to ask for questions and get pointed in the right direction.

The simple way to explain how it works is an example:

  • You find offers that you believe people are gonna be excited about. This could be a product you like or know people want, a service that is useful (save money on travel / trim your monthly bills / online course) and so on.
  • Build a website or a landing page to promote such offer or service
  • Optimize the page to reflect what people will be searching for to rank for specific keywords (try to be specific so you have more chances to rank since there’s competition and you’re not alone trying to promote said offer or service)
  • Promote your page with enticing taglines to your social media following or pay ads to send traffic to the pages.
  • Be sure to have your site optimizd for conversions, meaning that you’ll want easy access to a contact form, a book now button, a BUY NOW option or an ADD TO CART that is predominant.

Then let the traffic come and buy what you’re promoting. You will get commission according to what the seller provides for you. You can visit any site and check in the footer for “affiliate” to see if they offer such commission. Hell, you can also Google for: Automatic Litter Cleaner Affiliate and hope that you can get in on that sweet venture.

4. Start Teaching Online

Do you know something that you believe people will love to learn more about? I do mean that they will pay you for it. You can obviously go the free route, but it will be long and hard before you get to make money unless you’re lucky and explode quick on Youtube.

Making money working from home in 2020 doesn’t only mean to sell products or to write about stuff.It’s also about teaching, coaching and helping other people achieve their goals.

Using tools like Skype, Video Conference Platforms, and Webinars, you can also provide one-on-one calls and online meetings. With a minimum investment and technology, you can connect with anyone around the world and promote coaching/consulting. Online coaching and teaching is one of the highest-paid online business right now.

If you promote a course on how to do your own taxes from home and make people save 100-200 dollars, you will definitely be able to sell that course for 50$. You can promote the fact that you’re a certified accountant per example, which will help people trust your knowledge.

5. Becoming a Virtual Assistant


People always need help with tasks that they don’t have time or don’t want to do themselves. From managing someone elses social media accounts (posting daily, responding to private messages and such) to answering phone calls and making appointments, there’s tons of opportunity to become a VA and make ends meet.

You can find such jobs trough freelance websites stated above or promote yourself on your social media accounts, to your surroundings or post on classified sites.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to stand out as the market is loaded with people in foreign countries doing VA work for little to no money per hour.

That goes the other way around as well… you can simply hire a virtual assistant to alleviate your daily tasks like posting on Instagram, answer emails etc.

Get Started Online Today – It’s never too early!

You are a few clicks and words searched away to make it happen. Jump on it, even if it’s to get a second income. Passive income will really help you achieve other goals you might have. Imagine making an extra 5-600$ a month in affiliate commissions from that blog post you wrote a year ago about the best BBQ grill to bring camping. That sounds good doesn’t it?

It can happen if you put efforts into creating a blog that is relevant to someone looking for anything camping. You will need to get enough traffic to sustain the competition affluence of posts about the subject.

We highly recommend to start working on a niche that you’re passionate about. It will be much simpler to write and work on because you’ll truly enjoy researching and creating content around it. I would not want to spend all my spare time writing about “the best orthopedic shoes on the market”.

If you have any questions about how to make money working from home in 2020, you can always email us through our contact form or again, join our Business Growth Facebook Group.

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