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Why Hire a Local SEO Company in NYC? More Sales, More Leads, More Local Traffic to your store, GUARANTEED!

Did you know: According to current statistics on local business searches, approximately 25% of all clicks are directed towards the top-ranked search result. Businesses ranking on Top 3 of the Google Maps Snippet will get most of website visits. These local SEO trends in the year 2023 can be seen as a potent reminder of the indispensable importance of local SEO optimization, especially for small businesses seeking to establish their online presence.

Local SEO NYC is what truly brings you strong organic leads, sales and an increase in revenue if you have a storefront or services catered to Local NYC residents. You want to be found above the competition in your industry on Google Maps and regular search results.

Local results often lead to in-store visits. People search for something specific or an area they are in or plan to visit soon. For example: the best bakery in Soho will lead then to a bunch of results, including Google Maps with pinpointed bakeries and 3 top results.

The user usually tends to click on one of the Top 3 results, then proceeds to call, visit the website or go straight to the location. Your business needs to be listed there but it isn’t as easy as saying it.

Google will rank your NewYork business above others on Google Maps if your GoogleMyBusiness profile is updated often.

--- 360 Nerds takes care of all that for you so you can focus on day to day stuff, and they're affordable!

Understanding Local SEO in New York leading to Top 3 on Google Maps

To outrank your competition locally via Search Engine Optimization in New York City... you'll need quite a few things as it's a very competitive market in most niches. The market is saturated by hundreds of businesses all trying to take a position on the Top 3 search results through Google Maps.

The good thing is that a LOT of people still don't know about Local Results on Google so they aren't working with a Search Optimization Expert. There's still plenty of time for you and your business to make that happen. 

We will help you reach the Top of Google even in a very competitive niche. Through content creation, optimization, Google Reviews generation and a whole lot of hard work, you can see your business reach the top!

As you can see below from a search made for: Find Electrician Downtown Manhattan, the results that come out show 5 businesses on the map (pinned) but only the top 3 results are shown on the left side which will be the most clicked results.


Your business will get a lot more leads, calls, visits, and sales if you use Local SEO to rank above the competition up there. We take care of everything needed to get your listing up there which includes but is not limited to:

  • Optimizing all your website’s content to reflect the search intent of a user
  • Adding more content to let Google know you’re a very relevant result for searches in your area
  • Optimizing and adding images that are gonna help outrank the competition (local SEO NYC alt-tags etc)
  • Optimize your Google My Business Listing (Local SEO for Google My Business)
  • Adding Call to action to your website (if needed) to make sure your business is easy to get in touch with
  • Optimize the speed of your site (people tend to leave websites without taking any action if it takes more than 2-3 seconds to load
  • Create articles around your business (niche content that attracts readers) which then can turn into customers as you become a source of reliable information in your industry.

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There’s a lot of work involved in ranking your NYC Business... This is where Local SEO Experts come in. Content and website optimization and a lot of hours of coffee and sweat later, you start seeing results and your investment into NYC Local SEO services pays off.

Working with us means we’ll do everything in our power to put your New York City-based business above the competition. Through Local SEO NYC services, like we offer, you’ll see a significant increase in local searches, Google My Business traffic, and calls/visits to your locally-based business.

Hire experts to take care of your Local SEO New York City needs. When someone searches for something (near me/close by)… you want your business to come up in the top 3 search results on Google Maps as the image above shows

Organic Local SEO is key if you want people to find your website. Our Local NYC SEO Company specializes in getting your website to the top of search engine rankings in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.
If you're looking for Local SEO in New York City, you've come to the right place. At 360 Nerds, we understand how to rank YOUR business on Google. We have been able to rank ourselves on top of the most competitive keyword in our industry... imagine what we can do for yours. We can help you improve your online visibility and get found by more potential customers.
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Beat the competition where it counts: Locally, with SEO.

Keep in mind that Local SEO in NYC is very competitive, we make sure you can outrank the toughest competitors with strong SEO strategies and dedication, hard work, and affordable prices.

Check out some of the Local SEO NYC Services we offer:

Local SEO Directory Listings. We create or manage and optimize all your listings on big sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Craigslist, Business Directories and more. There's a ton of them people often oversee, which makes your business even more visible.

Google Maps Citations and Optimization. We make sure your business is listed on Google Maps and comes up on top when people look for "near me" and "close by" businesses. Most of the searches have a local intent, meaning people are looking for businesses in their area.

We also offer hyper-local SEO which is extremely specific based on very small location with tons of competition. Click Here to learn more about our Hyper Local SEO NYC Services.

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