How to write organic content that ranks on Google and converts

How to write organic content that ranks on Google and converts.

First, learning how to write organic content that ranks on Google can be a time consuming task, but it will be more than worth it. The goal is to do extensive research and write about something you KNOW about. Don’t go with something you have no clue about just thinking you’ll hit the SEO jackpot.

This can definitely happen if you’re a writer, but most aren’t gonna perform well writing about unknown subjects and end up creating content that doesn’t hit the mark on the engagement standpoint.

Make your keyword research in correlation with how strong your domain is. The odds are, if you have a brand new domain, you won’t rank for big keywords just yet. Give it a year or two.

How to write organic content that ranks on top of Google - Content Marketing 2020-2

Create your organic content with ease of access and readibility in mind.

Be sure to have 1500+ words and a lot of relevant and enticing images to go with.
Have a punchy headline: use the following link to analyse your titles -> (
Make a compelling and catchy featured image (it will greatly help your post get traction with social and syndicated posts)
Syndication: Try tools that offer content syndication, which means you just add the post in and share it onto a ton of blogs/tumblr/twitter/imgur/pinterest/blogger and so on. It will make you save time rather than manually posting it on 10 outlets.

Now it’s time to edit your organic content:

  • Make sure your headline is relevant and not confusing.
  • Have your featured keyword in the title.
  • Have your featured keyword in the first paragraph and into a subheader early on.
  • Be sure to make a ton of synonyms and add them around without stuffing keywords.
  • Add your keywords as alt-text into your images
Make sure your keyword and synonyms are in the image title as well (found to help a lot with ranking and image search on Google) example: best-travel-battery-pack-review-1 (this way you can rank for both “best travel battery pack” and “battery pack review” and so on.
Varitions within the same title can be a bit tricky but once you take a habit of doing it, it’s gold!
Once you’re done. Fire it up, release and promote it on your social following and send it to friends so they can click and read and give it a boost.
Don’t forget to head to Google Search Console and add the link to your new article and “request indexing” as soon as it’s published. It helps indexing your content faster.
How to write organic content that ranks on top of Google - Content Marketing 2020-1
Good luck and if there’s any questions about how to write organic content:

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