How To Write A Business Proposal The Right Way

  • January 1, 2020
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We start off the year with some great advice, how to write a business proposal the right way in order to sign more clients.

It is all about providing value and making sure you will be able to alleviate your customers pain points and the way to do it is to learn how to write a business proposal that will close deals. Basically, the value proposition is broken down into two blocks: The consumer profile – where we need to clarify our understanding of consumer needs. The value map – where we have to describe how we are going to create value for consumers. You will be able to understand what needs to be offered, talked about and solved in order to give the potential customer the best chance to find you a viable candidate to become his/her next contracted individual.

We personally use an amazing tool called Better Proposals, which offers a free trial of 14 days and then is available at a very low monthly cost. We’ve managed to sign clients using this tool due to its simplicity and the gorgeous designs and ability to easily represent your brands services and products in an enticing way. You can click here to start your free trial. Give it a try, you’ll love it. Now let’s dive right in.

Customer Jobs

First, let’s take a closer look at consumers by sketching their profiles. You have to analyze what the consumers you are targeting are trying to do. It can be three things: the tasks they are trying to accomplish, the problems they want to solve and the needs they are trying to meet.

Customer Pains


Here you have to present the consumers’ troubles, such as negative emotions, obstacles, unforeseen costs, disruptive factors and risks that consumers may encounter before, during and after the execution of tasks.

Customer Gains


Here, you have to describe the advantages your customers expect, which they want or which they would like to be surprised. This includes functional utility, social gains, positive emotions and cost savings. Seek to identify four types of gains for consumers in terms of results and benefits.

Products and services

Once we have determined the profile of the target clientele, let us tackle the value proposition. Again, there are three things to determine:

  • 1. First, the list of all the products and services around which your value proposition is built.
  • 2. Think about how the products and services you want to offer will help your clients accomplish a task (functional, social or emotional) or meet basic needs.
  • 3. Rank all products and services according to their importance to your customers. Are they crucial or trivial for your customers?

Pain Relievershow-to-write-a-business-proposal-pain_relievers

How do your products and services create value for consumers?

First, describe how your products and services alleviate or eliminate customer pain. How your customers eliminate or reduce negative emotions, costs and undesirable situations, and the risks they could face before, during and after the execution of their tasks (jobs).

Gain Creators

Finally, describe how your products and services create gains for customers, how do they create the benefits that your customers expect, desire or would be surprised by? These advantages can be functional utility, levers of social status, positive emotions or cost savings.

In addition to making a detailed assessment of the clients needs, pains and so on, you’ll want to present your offer in a way that makes it simple to understand why you or your business is the right choice for the potential customer. Simply put, people are very visual, therefore, you’ll need to make sure they easily digest the information presented to them. Click below and give Better Proposals a try, you’ll quickly see how to write a business proposal the right way.

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