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Make Money With Drop Services Business 101 – How to start your own drop servicing empire, fast!

Everyone’s talking about dropshipping but often, drop servicing is by far more profitable. You basically will be middle-manning services you won’t have to pay for, just market for. Think about it as if you would make money in your town going to houses and offering to clean their windows for $150 and you know some dude who does it for $100…. but online. It’s that simple.

Drop Servicing is fantastic when you know how to get in front of people.

If you have money, you’ll be able to create ads promoting services at a markup. If you don’t, you can always create blog posts explaining a LOT about the services you offer and hoping for people to book them.

Let’s start with the basics: what are drop services? Is it the same as dropshipping? What’s the difference between the two? A Drop services business is pretty much the same as dropshipping but with services as opposed to products. That’s why it’s in the name “Drop Servicing Business”.

We’ll go in detail below about what exactly is drop servicing, why you should consider it as a way of making income from home or even set it up, forget about it once it’s all well automated and reap the sweet benefits of passive income coming in monthly.

What is Drop Servicing?

Drop servicing which is also called service arbitrage is a business model in which you find clients who need services, not knowing that by buying or booking them from your website or through social media, phone call consultation etc, you’ll be outsourcing said drop services to a third party.


It’s very similar to what the “real world” does by sub-contracting. If you’re gonna get something done by any type of worker, there’s odds that the person you are inquiring a service quote from will outsource the work to another company or individual. That’s the basic idea behind it.

Below you’ll find a guide on how to get started with dropshipping, drop us your email and we’ll send it to you 100% free. It’s detailed and easy to follow and you can get started right away. DropShipping is also a very good way to make money from home.

There’s also no reason why you shouldn’t do both DropShipping and Drop Servicing!

You will learn everything you need to know on how to get started, where to find the right products, how to automate payments, shipping, return and more. Scale the operation with advertising and you can make serious money with our free dropshipping guide.

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With drop servicing and drop shipping combined, you’ll be able to provide customers with everything they need in terms of services and dropshipping has no limits to what products you can offer without the need to hold any physical inventory yourself. Get on it 🙂

What does Drop Services Apply To?

You can drop service whatever you want honestly. Just be sure to dropship stuff that you know about, or you’ll be in way over your head.

We highly recommend to avoid providing services of overly complex services like lead generation, search engine optimization, web development, app development and so on. They will cause problems and you’re more than likely not gonna be able to provide a great service and have good customer satisfaction.

You could sell easy to outsource stuff though without no issues such as blog posting, copywriting, social management (someone pays you to post daily on their Instagram and you outsource it to someone else)


Here a few options that work well for a drop servicesbusiness

  • Creating websites
  • Posting on blogs (guest blogging)
  • Writing blog posts (content creation)
  • Social media management
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting for advertising (facebook / google ads)
  • Video animation or creation
  • Video editing

We could list a lot more, but you get the idea. Think about what you would like to find as a service for your business and put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer.

The best way to find the right drop servicing models that will work is to look at trends and see what is currently popular and what people are searching for.

You can go on Google Trends to find what is currently being searched and if there’s an upper trend for it. If you search for copywriter resume per example, you see that the demand is constant with a slight upper trend, meaning that this is a good service to offer (see image below).


How To Get Started Selling Drop Services

Pretty simple really as you’ll need the basic most businesses need listed below and then a little bit of magic to make things easier. People need to be able to find your services and you need to set yourself up to succeed by having a clear defined list of what services you’ll offer and who’s gonna be the ones you’ll outsource them to.

You need to make sure that your sources are reliable otherwise people will complain and give your business bad reviews as they will assume you’re the one fulfilling the services you charged them for.

For the actual website where you’ll drop service, you’ll need this:

  • Homepage showing which services you offer
  • A clear messaging of WHY they should choose you over the competition
  • Secure Payment Processing (payment gateway)
  • Email Newsletter (subscribe to get promotions) so you can send them offers and upsell them with more expensive services or products
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social media marketing in place (lots of conversions can come from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin

While other people in the field might recommend Shopify, we’re not. We have and always will be WordPress fans as it is free, super secure, reliable, fast and works amazing. Shopify is really easy for beginners but can be somewhat limited when it comes to scaling up.

Most of our clients come from Shopify and hire us to redo their entire business website, ecommerce platform through WordPress and Woocommerce (the extension that adds e-com to WordPress)

You’ll only need to pay your hosting, which is 10 times cheaper than Shopify. You can get yours right here: Voted Best WordPress Hosting For Dirt Cheap

Anyone can contact us anytime if you need help understanding how to set everything up, we’ll be happy to help.

Where to find people to outsource your drop services?

Everywhere freelancers login to check for gigs they can work on, there’s a lot of websites.

Here’s a few very known freelance platforms to find outsourcing workers:

Be sure to test out your suppliers before giving them gigs to work on, or you might find yourself waiting for a long time for delivery or get bad quality services.

The industry is saturated with a lot of workers who underbid everyone and charge little to nothing. Most of these sites work by bids which means if you put an offer our for copywriter for resume and your price is 10$, some might offer to do it for 6$ in order to get the job rather than their competing freelancers.

Also check their reviews and the amount of jobs they completed. It’s usually a good indicator of how they perform. Check the image below for an example of how you can post a listing to request a service.


Is Drop Servicing limited?

Only by your own skills and what you can comprehend in terms of services you will offer. As mentioned above, don’t start selling services you don’t understand, you wont make it.

If you want to make sure you succeed, you should niche down as much as possible since you’re starting out and focus on a specific thing rather than selling hundreds of different services.

The offer might seem enticing given that you’ll think people will come and have so many options… but in reality, you’ll have to have a ton of different outsourcing sources to fulfill all those services.

What is the cost to get started with a Drop Servicing Business?

To break it down super simply, it’s really really cheap but the biggest expense is time at first. You’ll need to buy and setup your website hosting which would go for 3-7$ a month depending on the plan you choose. For one website, we recommend the first plan. If you plan on growing quickly, just take the GrowBig package.

Then you’ll have to build your site, its super easy and again, WordPress comes with hundreds of beautiful free themes. Here’s a site that shows a lot of cool themes for free that work with Woocommerce (ecommerce for WordPress)

You can spend a weekend on building the site, editing the demo content and changing it to your writing and add your own services and business information like your Paypal account etc.

Then one of the big steps is finding the right services to offer and put them on the website (backend: add product, define price, add description and featured image)


You’ll want to optimize titles and descriptions from the point of view of a person who searches for it. This is basically Search Engine Optimization. We do offer such services if ever you feel like you’re in way over your head. What it does is that it tells Google that your content is relevant to your niche offer and they put it above the competition in the search results.

You want to be ranking on Page 1 of Google for specific phrases like: Hire Copywriter for Resume, Hire Virtual Assistant To Post on Social Media and so on. That can be hard, so there’s always SEO Experts to help you with that.

Another way is to use advertising, which can be a bit tricky and expensive but in due time, you’ll get around it when you need to scale up your operations.

Where can I find courses to get started?

We do offer courses on how to get started if you really have no clue but feel like it would be a great way to make income from home. Honestly, we advise people to do some research and see drop servicing business websites and how they are doing. Once you’re ready, just hit us up and we can show you everything in crazy details for a minimal fee.

This guide should give you plenty of information and guidance to get going if you have digital marketing experience though. If not, we’re there!

In conclusion

A Drop Servicing Business can be an incredible source of income if done right. Do your research, find services you know about and you are confident you can deliver high quality, on time and high-value to your potential customers and get going. We’re vouching for you!

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