How to make landing pages that convert in 2021

How to make landing pages that convert in 2021 for affiliate marketing, coaching, simple products or services and more.


The simple way to make money online: make landing pages that convert to sell your offers. There you have it. Now we’ll go in details of how to do just that and start making some affiliate money yourself.

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Make your landing pages as simple as it can be

In a perfect world, the way to make landing pages that convert is to keep it simple. There’s no point in complicating anything for the user. You want to build it as you see it. You’re gonna have a simple landing page with a basic header, your offer and the product description, preferably a product video as it converts better and a FAQ.

Here’s what should be on your landing pages that convert in 2021: 

  • Header (Your logo, business, contact button)
  • Your offer
  • The product description (add a video in there)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Social Proof (testimonials, case studies etc)
  • Your Contact Information

Make your headline as “punchy” as possible

You want your landing page to convert? Then make your headline super catchy. You’ll also want your SERP to look neat.. and you can do just that with Emojis now. You can add emojis in your META Description to stand out against other results. If you’re pushing a financial product, add a dollar bill emoji. If you’re adding a fitness offer, make it into a nice 💪 Flexed Biceps.

Be sure to capture the audience’s attention right away, not after 3 mouse scrolls. Your landing page needs to be on the money right when they land, especially on mobile given the lack of screen real estate.

When you’re gonna make the headline for your landing page, make sure that you’re helping the potential customer solve a problem. What is this gonna do for them, and how is this relevant to their search. They are looking for: how to automate Instagram posting… then they want to land on a page that says “How to easily automate Instagram with this amazing tool”.

Making successful headlines for your landing page:

  • How useful is your offer for their needs?
  • Is this product or service unique? Why is your offer better?
  • Be very specific. You will gain 900 followers in a month with this our You Will Lose 21 pounds with that!
  • Make the offer time sensitive.. People react to: This offer will end in 2 days and 3 hours.



Make your call to action CLEAR.

To make landing pages that convert, one of the main key is CALL TO ACTIONS. You want those CTAs to be as easy to see as possible and straight to the point. You need your visitor to book a call, add to cart, get offer, see more and so on. Your call  to actions need to be right in their faces.


Be sure to have space and content between your call to action buttons though. You don’t want to have 2 CTAs next to each other, that is just straight confusing.

Make your call to action the main design aspect and your images and content around it. You should have a strong image base that pushes the visit to click and book or buy, not look at your images and think it’s nice but move on.

Some known call to actions that really work and are simple:

  • vеrb with a deadline (call us now);
  • verb with freebie (register for free ebook);
  • verb with adjective & product or service (try this awesome new product).

Conversion Rate Optimization through Call to Actions is done by simply making sure that every person that lands on your page knows right away where they are. Avoid confusion with header sliders that are filled with information (less is more) and make sure that your pitch is RIGHT THERE.

Using relevant images to your offer

Images are worth a thousand words.. I think that’s what they say! You want your website to have beautiful images that are pitching your offer. Also making sure that the images are of high quality and not some tiny image you stole from some site. Sites like offer free stock images.

Think about what you want your user to see, and make sure it is clear and simple. You dont want to defer attention from your offer by stuff that isn’t relevant and you also want to make it beautiful and enticing. Crisp images (HD is standard, we’re in 2020 people)



TAKEAWAY: Simple rules to follow to make landing pages that will convert in 2021

  • make a simple, efficient and fast loading website
  • Make sure it is 100% Mobile Friendly, 60%+ will come from phones and tablets
  • Everything visual should be helping the user to make a decision (video review, images, call to actions)
  • The headline should be straight to the point, punchy and fix a problem
  • Make sure your site says WHY your product or offer is better than the competition.

Think you can make this happen? 

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