How To Grow On Instagram With Hashtags – Instagram Hashtag Strategy 2023

Tons of people email us asking how to grow on Instagram and what hashtags work. There’s a lot more to it than just adding hashtags to your posts.

There is no particular hashtag that one must or must not use.

The process is not straightforward in nature.

As stated in my earlier posts, the effectiveness of hashtags is determined by various factors including:

1- Your page’s current momentum;

2- Your page’s health score;

The niche of your Instagram page:

4- Your page’s engagement levels;

5- Your post’s viral potential;

The connection between the hashtags you include and the content of your post;

7- Implementing hashtags that are applicable to the location.

8- The use of niche-related hashtags.

Ultimately, the effectiveness of your hashtag strategy depends on how strong and widely utilized your hashtags are, as well as other relevant factors. That’s why I don’t advocate for repeatedly using only a few pre-made hashtag sets for each post – because they may not be relevant or effective for many posts. Vice-versa refers to a situation in which something can be reversed, or when two things are interchangeable.

It is crucial to conduct a thorough hashtag search relevant to your industry for each post you make, so that eventually you will be able to easily use effective sets of hashtags without needing to research them.

Here’s how you can do it:

1- Look for a well-known hashtag that pertains to your particular field (for instance, “#travel” if you specialize in travel or “#horror” if you focus on horror stuff), and select it.

2- Browse the posts that rank on top of Instagram in the explore page.

You should search for posts that were published around the same time and also have approximately 600 likes). This will give you an idea of what kind of content resonates with your audience and what times are best to post. Additionally, it may also give you inspiration for future posts or strategies to increase engagement on your own account. If two pages have a similar level of engagement, between 550 and 650, within the span of one hour, it can be concluded that both pages are equally effective in their engagement strategies. To confirm this, it is important to compare the average engagement levels of both pages over their last 20 posts.

Examine the sets of hashtags they showcase.

Creating a unique set for your own post. It is important to include relevant hashtags, rather than just copy-pasting a previous set.) Identify hashtags that are specifically applicable to your post and combine them to form your own collection. (Please note that it’s not advisable to simply duplicate another person’s hashtag collection for the reasons mentioned earlier. Instead, incorporate appropriate tags from various posts and fashion a one-of-a-kind set for your own post. It’s crucial that the tags you use are related to the content of your message rather than merely replicated from a prior series.) I am sorry, but there is no paragraph provided to be paraphrased. Please provide me with the original text to be rephrased.

Here’s why it works:

When you search for these profiles, you are actively examining content that appears prominently and performs well on popular hashtags within a specific field or category.

When you examine the hashtags they have utilized, you will probably identify recurring themes that can help you determine which hashtag sets are most appropriate for your page, given that you operate in the same industry and have similar engagement rates. Within a comparable period of time.

Shorter version of the paragraph could be: “If a post with similar characteristics to yours can rank highly under a top hashtag, then you should use similar hashtag sets or sets with the same size distribution to increase your chances of ranking as well.” In case you are struggling to achieve significant visibility with hashtags, there is an innovative approach available.

During the past few weeks, I experimented with a research format and obtained tremendous results.


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