Grow your social media, the right way.

Often people would rather focus on growing their social media themselves, and that’s all good! I always like to do everything myself and the only issue I often see with this is that it’s very time consuming.

We built social media accounts for a variety of clients, some of them started on their own and we’re done after a month.. NO, I will not spend 2-3 hours a day to grind away in order to get a few followers.

It’s all about knowledge and how much time you’re willing to invest in the task at hands.

Let’s make sure you do it right if you’re gonna do it yourself by following a few basic points to keep in mind, a checklist if you will.

First off: Are you able to create original content?

If you answered no on that one, it might be better to find someone that can help you with that. People LOVE original content and are more than willing to comment, engage and follow people who bring content that they’ve never seen before. Even if it’s the most basic thing like creating inspirational quotes, you’re better off making your own little graphics than just going around reposting everyone’s quotes.  If you can’t create anything and don’t know anyone that can help, there’s always tools available out there like PromoRepublic – a tool I use myself to create/manage/schedule my social media posts on various platforms.

Second: Are you aware of the latest trends, what is in right now, what is going on in the world and what kind of content people are more prone to interact with?

Not a problem if you’re not, just do some research on platforms like Google Trends or use a tool like Crowdfire that will show you content relevant to your niche and offer you to share it on various social media sites.

Third: Do you have time to research your competition and somewhat adapt by doing what they are doing, and even better?

Social media is like any other field of marketing/sales etc.. Whatever the competition is doing, if it is working… chances are that you should kind of do the same thing and tweak it to be better than them. Works the same way with SEO, you check what the competition is ranking for, which keywords are ranking well and bringing traffic, and you do the same and tailor your content to rank higher than them. That is how you reach more people, by finding the right #hashtags and trying to get shown on explore page, trending terms and so on.

Fourth: Be consistent in your posting schedule.

Guess what, people that will follow you are often on the same schedule for months and years. That’s why you need to set yourself a plan ahead and know that you will be posting daily at 9am. Again, tools mentioned above like Crowdfire will help you schedule your posts and even tell you when your followers are the most active and therefore have more chance to have a higher engagement rate.  Consistency is key here. It’s okay if you miss a day or two cause you were on vacation, just don’t make a habit of it because then they won’t engage so much and you might lose followers. Noone likes that. Look below at an example of how skipping days and not posting can hurt your growth:

As you can see, it took a dip instead of the continuous growth this account usually provided. Then, once back on the normal schedule, growth resumes.

In conclusion:

I could go on like this but the truth is, when in doubt, you can always talk to a professional or at least someone that knows a lot about it. Perhaps a friend or a coworker has a lot of followers and can help you how to achieve your goals.

Growing your social media is all about being patient and bringing quality content to the rest of the world. You’ll see a ton of meme accounts, luxury and such with millions of followers.. but those are usually just copies of copies of copies of original accounts that made it big in the first place. There’s not a lot of value in such accounts.

Stick to what you know, provide amazing content and information to your followers and you will grow, I guarantee it.

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