Introducing 360 Nerds Digital Marketing's all new Free Website Inquiry system.

We believe that websites should not cost a fortune, nor should business be left without one. With 360 Nerds Free Website Inquiry System, you or your business can check if you're available to get a free site from our team of web design nerds.

The process is simple, click or fill the form below and see if you qualify.

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We basically want to make sure people don't ask for ridiculously extensive requirements in order to get websites for free. While our service is free, we're not in the business of making 100 pages ecommerce websites.

We're there to help small businesses like yours to get a free website to represent your business online.

Get your business online quickly with our Free Websites (if you qualify)

360 Nerds Digital Marketing's latest service, Free Website Inquiry system lets you see if you can get a free website with just a few questions.

We are more than happy to help you with a free website, as long as the requests are reasonable to our designers. We will not build a free ecommerce platform with 100 products per example.

Get a professional website for free and start your business*

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360 Nerds' Free Website Design: the perfect solution for small businesses and startups

Small businesses and startups often struggle with creating an online presence due to time and budget constraints. However, with 360 Nerds Digital Marketing's Free Website Design service, entrepreneurs can now launch their website quickly and affordably. This service is the perfect solution for small businesses and startups looking for a hassle-free website design process.

It eliminates the headache of spending countless hours and resources on long website design projects. And the best part is that it's free if you qualify. By signing up for 360 Nerds' Free Website Design service, entrepreneurs can improve their online presence in no time, giving them ample time to focus on other aspects of their business.


What you will get is a beautiful, fully functional website with contact forms, phone number if needed, information about your products and or services and beautiful images to showcase what you do.

We can add pages for your services as well as the area you will work on, pricing information, booking information etc. If you are a small restaurant, we'll be more than happy to add your downloadable PDF menu, link your restaurant site to OpenTable booking and more.

  • Free 3-5 pages website
  • Free stock images
  • Free Social media linking
  • Free Contact Form Setup
  • Free Analytics Setup
  • Free Integration with Google My Business

What is not included with our free websites:

We cannot create fully functional ecommerce platforms or learning sites for free... there's limitations and that would be just asking too much for a free service.

We are more than willing to help you building the structure, but you and your team will need to add products and pricing and such.

  • Yearly hosting (we provide a link to the best affordable hosting that comes with free domain if needed)
  • Logo Design (we can make this happen for a one time $100 fee)
  • Content copywriting (our designers do not write all the copy for you - if you need this, we can also write it for a small fee)
  • Ecommerce sites (We do not add products for you - you will need to do that once the site is built or done for a fee)


Let us know which of these would you need and if none of these are describing your needs, add your requirements in the comment section below.