Ecommerce marketing trends 2022 – How to market your eCom business in 2022

Ecommerce marketing trends 2022 – How to market your Ecom business in 2022

The retail industry has seen a significant shift as a result of e-commerce. We bring you the top eCommerce marketing trends 2022 to help your marketing efforts thrive. As people’s needs change and shopping becomes more convenient, it has changed to meet those needs. E-commerce had a limited capability when it was first introduced. However, those days have passed. Because of the anticipated growth and 2020’s impact on commerce, the eCommerce business is booming. For every day that goes by, more retailers and entrepreneurs are taking their first steps into the internet world through eCommerce operations.

All of these improvements have taken over the world of eCommerce, whether it’s comprehensive customization, well-defined return policies, or greater integration. To provide you with a clearer view of what’s going on in the real world, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular e-commerce marketing trends.

Ecommerce Marketing Trends 2022: Visuals, Influencers, AI, Content… lots of content.

Focusing on bringing your customers the most information before making a conscious decision as a marketing trend in 2022.

Customers in 2022 are prone to make a lot more research before buying, therefore you should bring in the big guns… We mean that the most valuable marketing tip for 2022 in marketing is: create content, a ton of content. Understanding how Google works is important unless you intend on spending thousands a month on ads in the hopes it will convert. It’s proven year after year that organic growth is the most valuable channel for your business.

Take advantage of that information and create engaging content with a focus on questions or search queries your potential customers would have. Look below to see an example:

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As you can see, the potential customer is very specific about his search intent. That customer wants headphones under 200. Results provided: review websites and a few ads above with prices below 200. That is the exact result that this customer is looking for. He will probably go below and check the SEO results (organic results from strongly informational content written directly toward people who search such keywords).

That is how your business gets above the competition, by bringing content that is relevant to a search that is meant to sell. Someone that searches for Buy Headphones will probably be way more loose into the ones wanted. Searching for a while, not knowing their budget, and so on.

We foresee a lot more narrowed searches in eCom. If you are looking for “Best Sneakers For Golfing” – you won’t want the results to be running shoes, so you won’t be searching for “buy shoes NYC”. Instead you might search for “buy golfing shoes near times square” and the people who made articles with keywords similar to this search will come first, right after the ads, which is proven to be avoided a lot due to irrelevance.

Posting a lot of content, offers, news on your Google My Business profile.

People often forget how GMB (Google My Business) is one of the most important aspect of your online business. From posting news, offers to just product photos, it’s the first thing a customer will see if your site comes up on Local searches (Google Maps) or if your profile is verified on GMB.

The second you have your business plan, be sure to go on GMB and send a verification postcard to your business address/home if it’s a home-based business. You will have to wait a few weeks and once you get verified, you have a full GMB profile where you can post your products, offers, business information and so much more.

Look at one of our client’s monthly report on Google My Business. That’s how much results you can get if you put in the work. PS: this is after 9 months of business inception.

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Focus on visual appeasement

In order to improve customer satisfaction and boost revenue, consider implementing visual elements in your website. Online businesses are spending a lot of money on creating visually appealing material to display their products and services in hopes of attracting, retaining, and converting visitors into paying customers.

The in-person shopping experience may be recreated for your consumers using a variety of photos, visual and interactive information. Using images, gifs, infographics, 360-degree views, etc., to show off your products and services is an excellent way to market your product. On top of that, if you market your product on social media sites, you will see a rise in the customer base on your website.

Influencer marketing is on the rise

Influencer marketing is rampant on social media. From Kim Kardashian to Cristiano Ronaldo, everyone is trying to sell one product or another. While you can’t hire these big guns to promote your product, you can always look for micro-influencers who suit your business the most. A known marketing trend that will boom in 2022 is influencers as they can be very affordable and bring amazing results.

There are several factors to consider while looking for the ideal influencer. Look for influencers who are interested in cosmetics if you’re a beauty company. If you’re a fashion brand, look for an influencer that embodies the aesthetic of your company. Consumers may receive a good bargain and value for their money by employing influencer marketing tactics. Discounts have the ability to entice new consumers by offering savings and payment choices.

Influencer marketing allows brands to take advantage of the trustworthiness of influencers by paying them to support their products or services. Influencer marketing is one of the most efficient marketing strategies for eCommerce companies in this modern time.

Increase in the Use of Artificial Intelligence

Predicting customers’ buying habits based on the things they purchase and the times they purchase them is revolutionizing the E-commerce sector. Artificial intelligence (AI) provides individualized assistance and automated targeted messages and recommendations to your consumers through popups with specified triggers. AI uses shoppers’ previous purchases and browsing habits to display what they are more inclined to buy.

For example, with retargeting methods, you may be displaying social media advertising or sending product recommendation emails for things that your consumers looked to be particularly interested in.

The rise of chatbots is another good use of AI, which has made it possible for businesses of all sizes to reap the benefits of modern technology. E-commerce websites’ use of artificial intelligence is propelling new products and services and improving the shopping experience for customers, leading to better sales.

Follow these tips to get ahead of the competition in 2022. We’re always there to help if you need Local SEO, Email Marketing, or Affordable Content Creation.

Reach out anytime, the team’s there to help you grow your business.



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