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Digital Marketing for Healthcare

Helping businesses achieve growth at affordable prices.

When developing digital marketing campaigns for healthcare, sensitive information and content needs to be very accurate in order to provide the best possible information to the visitor of your website. At 360 Nerds, we understand the importance and value that an healthcare provider website has towards their visitors and potential clients or patients.

We combine years of experience as SEO managers, Digital Marketing Experts, Social Media Marketers in the healthcare industry. 

Throughout the years, we created and managed campaigns and designed websites for various healthcare suppliers. 

360 Nerds specializes in the following affordable services for healthcare:

Contact us at anytime for information regarding any of the services above. We’re there to provide as much value as possible in order to make an educated decision.

These are the kind of results our plans will provide your healthcare website

Every business is different, but with our experience and a strong team of digital marketing for healthcare experts, we will bring results similar to the ones showcased below. This is based on the last 3 months (October 2018 to January 2019) in the alcohol and drug addiction recovery field. A facility that already had a web presence but their traffic was a bit low, conversions were not coming in the way they wanted and they had little to no presence on social media.

We were contracted in July 2018 to start the full digital marketing strategy, implement it and bring results. We delivered beyond their expectations and are still providing strong value to their healthcare business.


Assessing your facility’s needs is an essential starting point in order to produce a strong and efficient marketing strategy. We integrate search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) together in order to increase the traffic and ranking of your site while raising the conversion rate by nurturing leads at the source.

We use our proprietary tools to help your healthcare facility grow, reach more potential clients and engage with followers on social media. Below is an example of a weekly report for one of our digital marketing for healthcare social media campaign. You can clearly see that it keeps on growing and bring in value, engagement and traffic to your facility’s website and social media page.


We provide result-driven digital marketing campaigns specifically made for healthcare providers at affordable prices. We believe in being a 100% transparent and continue to bring tremendous value to our clients and partners.

Based on experience and analysis of trends from other clients, we provide a strong growth of traffic, lower bounce rate, visitor retention as well as higher conversion rate than most of our competition at lower prices.

We have worked in house at hospitals as well as being hired as outside consultants and digital marketers. That gives us a strong advantage over other marketers who do not know the healthcare industry. We know how to grow a healthcare business on the digital marketing front. Let us help.

A perfect partner for a stronger digital marketing strategy

Working with this strong team of  digital marketers has been a breeze. We get constant reports on what has been happening with our investment and see great results. After a few weeks, we could see results. We’re getting a lot more visits, organic has gone up a lot and conversions have skyrocketed.

Canadian Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Centre
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