Local SEO Citations: Grow your business with Local Citations

A Local SEO Citation is basically anytime your business or brand address / phone number (NAP) gets mentioned on the web. Local citations will give your website strength and your business will be seen by a lot more people if it’s mentioned on high authority websites such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, BBB and so on.

Making sure that you’re listed on a lot of websites will not only help visibility but also significantly increase trust score and traffic influx. While you may be able to add just limited information, making sure that your business citations are thorough is very important.

Why Are Local SEO Citations Important

Local SEO Citations make sure that your business is shown to people searching for businesses just like yours. You cannot simply rely on your storefront and expect people to walk in. You’ll need to have a strong web presence in order to be found above the competition.

Higher SEO Ranking

The way to grow your business is by getting higher in Google rankings, therefore increasing your traffic to your website. You can do so is by adding local citations that tells Google that you have a business, where you are located and that people should visit your website or contact you to learn more about it. Local SEO is the best way to make sure you come up first on Google Maps and tell your potential customer that you are relevant to his/her search.


Building Business Authenticity

Having very detailed business listings will not only make it easier for your potential customer to know what you do and offer, but will also build business authenticity. Making sure that you are listed on all the big business aggregators and listing sites will ensure people seeing your brand or business will actually trust it.

Where to get local citations

There’s countless ways and websites to get business citations such as all the major social media networks, business listings, review sites and so on. Making sure that you start off with the most popular business citation listing sites is best practice. Start by creating profiles and adding your business description, URL and phone/address on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter. You can then move on to the business listing sites such as Yelp and such.

You can also consider the following forums and means to get citations.

Yellow Pages

You can’t go wrong with Yellow Pages, it just works and has been around for quite some time now. Everyone with a business needs to be listed on YP. Think of the older generation that used to check businesses in the book, they still think about it, but now they visit the web version of it.

Sites like Reddit and Quora with Q&As

Nowadays, people ask all kinds of questions online and expect random strangers to help them figure things out, quick. Sites like Quora and Reddit do just that. You can create a question on Quora and expect answers within minutes due to its high active members count. Same goes for Reddit where you can visit various subreddits like /r/AskReddit and your questions will be answered promptly.

The good practice for such site is to have a detailed bio. When you answer someone else’s question, your business profile along with URL and contact information will be listed for everyone going through your questions/answers to see.

Guest posting

A lot of blog websites offer writers to create content and push it on their sites. Some might require you to pay but a lot are free. It also works the other way around, where a lot of websites will pay people to add content to their site since it provides them with fresh content and more traffic. Adding a detailed bio on the website you’ll guest post will also provide you with more visibility. Once people read your articles, they potentially click on your author profile and find your business information which might lead to a click, email or call.

Google My Business (GMB)


GMB is by far the best and most detailed listing & local SEO citation you can provide for your online business. You will need to create a business profile on GMB and optimize all its aspects in order to potentially outrank the competition. You’ll be able to add description, offers, opening hours, address, phone number and so on. Photos can be added regularly in order to provide even more visibility to your business and promote its offers.

Be sure to start the process early as it also requires you to verify your business via a mailed postcard which takes 7-12 business days on average to be delivered.

Niche Specific Directories

Some directories are made specifically for niches. You’ll have to search around and see for yourself. Per example: “sports memorabilia businesses” or “plumbing business” will bring up quite different results. You might be able to get citations from your business on news sites that often make quick articles about “new hair salon opening in X/Y neighborhood”.

Where does your traffic come from?

The right way to grow your business is finding where most traffic comes from and optimize around it even more. A local bakery will most likely get foot traffic coming from people searching for “local bakery” or “bakery near me”. You want to be found on top of Google in the Maps section which will bring people through the door. Consider optimizing your local listings on all the big websites relevant to your niche.


Location is an important factor

Your business is location based? Then you need to have Local SEO citations in order to be found easier. As mentioned above, Google My Business is the most important of all, since Google pushes their content above all else. You’ll want to be ranked on the Top 3 of Google Maps Featured Snippet in order to get the most traffic, clicks, emails and calls.

Also consider local business websites like locally.com and such. These aggregate local businesses and often let you add your own listing to their website with information modules such as your address, phone and email. The more citations from strong sources, the better you’ll rank for niche relevant keywords

Optimizing your Citations

Your business listings need to be consistent. You will want to have the same information, address, phone on all the platforms to avoid issues. If you have 2-3 different locations, you can create separate citations for each business address where you operate. It might seem very time consuming, which is why companies like ours usually offer services where we take care of all the citation building for you. 360 Nerds offers high converting result-driven Local SEO Campaigns to help your business grow, fast!

Local seo, local listing, local citations

Local seo, local listing, local citations

Add a Business Category

Categories are very important when listing your business. To avoid being left behind, making sure to be listed in the right category can truly help you reach higher traffic. Some people do not search directly. Instead, they will visit a site like Yellow Pages and will go directly into businesses, then plumbers. If you are listed but not into a specific category, you’ll never come up in that query.


Local SEO Citations is a very strong approach to grow your local based business. Keep in mind the intent of the user that wants to find your business. You want to be steps ahead of them by knowing how they will find you, what they will search for and how will the result affect their decision into clicking or calling your business rather than the competition.

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