5 Tips to Improve Social Media Reach

  • February 19, 2020
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Reach on social networks is getting more and more random and it becomes very complex to be visible without investing in ads. To help you, here are 5 tips to improve social media reach of your publications.

The social media reach is an essential indicator to measure the performance of your communication.

The reach represents the number of unique people who saw your post.

Ideally, your social media reach should be at least equal to your number of subscribers for each of your social networks.

Unfortunately, it’s not like that anymore. Remember when we had insane reach through Instagram… not gonna happen anymore unless you post viral content which is already insanely saturated. How many hundreds of thousands of accounts post and repost the same damn memes, videos of Bali, that cat that falls on the side.. it’s beyond ridiculous how much duplicates of viral content we can find.

Advertising represents the vast majority of the turnover of social networks, they naturally limit the scope of your publications to encourage you to invest.

The good news is that by following a few good practices, you will still be able to do well. 😃

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5 Tips to improve your social media reach

1. Publish original quality content

We are here on common sense but I will go into details. The notion of quality content is essential.

To communicate well on social networks and improve your reach, your content must not only bring value to your followers but it must also be adapted to their level of maturity.

Among your subscribers, some contacts are at the beginning of engaging, others in the middle and the minority at the end of purchase intent.

Some contacts may not even have started thinking about buying or engaging with you or your product, brand, service yet.

You naturally understand here that these contacts do not ask the same questions and do not have the same expectations / needs.

Your Social Media communication strategy must take into account the purchasing journey of your followers if you wish to improve your social media reach.

2. Publish your content at the right time

I’m not necessarily a fan of infographics that show you the best times to post on social networks, but here’s one anyway.

This info can be used as a basis but you need to conduct your own analyzes to determine the best niches that work for you.

Especially if everyone follows the standard indications, the competition in the most famous niches is enormous.

However, publication timing plays an essential role.

For example, on LinkedIn, I usually reach between 4,000 and 20,000 people with my posts.

I took the test to publish a “bad” schedule according to my target, on Saturday early in the morning and my reach was about 10% of the usual.

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3. Publish tailor-made content according to social networks

We’re all running out of time. We are therefore tempted to publish our content in “copy / paste” mode on all our social networks.

By doing this, you are sure to kill your Reach.

The content/copy you need to push in order to increase your reach varies enormously from one social network to another.

You can share the same content on all your social networks but it is essential to calibrate your posts on each one.

On Facebook, we go there mainly to relax. On LinkedIn, we go there to learn and above all to highlight our skills. On Twitter, well.. I don’t know what to say about Twitter other than: Trump rants a lot and people argue all day about who’s celebrity is better than the other one and wars on political views are never ending.

Twitter isn’t what it used to be. Still very active, but business engagement has gone down and it’s not a strong tool to reach to businesses anymore. Instagram does that very well since 80% of all businesses now have a IG page and use it a lot to share their content and offers.

Our expectations therefore vary from one social network to another and our way of consuming the content does as well.


4. Encourage conversation

Reach on social networks depends on several elements.

It depends in particular on the ability you have to hold the attention of the user and especially to keep him interested on the social network.

Social networks want to keep their users connected as long as possible. If your post is viral or interesting enough, your reach will necessarily be boosted.

To measure the potential of your publication and therefore define your reach, social networks are based in particular on the number and quality of the comments it generates.

So create posts that encourage conversation and engage with your followers and people who comment on your post to improve your social reach. The more you engage, the more people will come back and comment again. Followers love to feel like they have been heard.

5. Stop selling, start helping

I regularly see agencies that give conferences on the theme of “How to sell on social networks? “.

Selling on social media should not be seen as “sales” – People don’t go on Instagram and Pinterest to buy things, they go to be inspired and will make their own choices based on what they find interesting and useful.

Social networks are not made to sell. Social media should allow you to add value to your target audience and have them potentially convert into a click to your site to book a service, buy a product or sign up for your mailing list.

Communicating on social networks should allow you to attract the attention of the buyer and seduce him by helping him to answer his questions and solve his problems.

If you want to improve your social media reach, you must do everything to help your community.

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