5 Tips on how to get followers on Instagram fast


Learn from our nerds the 5 tips on how to get followers on Instagram fast.


    1. Good content strategy. First off, it‘s highly recommended to post at times based on your account insights (time in the app is shown locally), that is when your audience is the most active.

Secondly, mixing in niche viral posts with a relevant hastag set is a great way to diversify your content and bring more eyeballs. To find inspiration go to repost pages, since they usually repost viral content on Instagram, you can find these niche pages by going to hashtags and looking for pages above 5k followers that have high amounts of engagement.


Next, always try to keep your audience engaged, utilize a CTA: Which shirt is better? 1st or 2nd?

Lastly, use slideshows or videos, they increase audience retention (watchtime) just like videos, in return making Instagram algorithm favor your post and spread them around more. By combining these adjustments to your content strategy you‘ll be able to organically reach more people and grow quicker.


  1. Utilize new Instagram features like IGTV, Facebook Creator Studio, Clips (yet to be released). Facebook (Instagram) loves it when their users utilize new functions on their apps. In fact, they love it so much – they actually reward all the early birds that use these new features giving them explosive amounts of organic reach and increasing their trust score. Also don’t forget to include hashtags in your stories and IGTV videos.

For stories it’s the most optimal to have up to 5 hashtags and for IGTV videos up to 30. If you think stories aren’t relevant or not as impactful, well you’re mistaken. Upload 3 to 6 engaging stories per day using sticker like polls, ratings and questions, has shown to increase not only engagement but daily growth as well.

  1. Building up momentum. Make your posts go viral (get high engagement compared to your past 12-16 posts) by using engagement boosting or with a growth strategy that brings large amounts of daily traffic to your profile, and be consistent – Instagram and your audience will reward you with increased engagement and reach. When you’re consistent with posting and in going/making your posts go viral – you’ll gain momentum making you grow like crazy.


  1. Mass Story Viewing. A new growth hacking strategy is to watch thousands upon thousands of stories per day. This secret method attracts attention from a niche audience by targeting and appearing on their “Seen by” list, which when done properly converts to a large number of profiles visits and up to a hundred daily followers. Right now, it’s favored by all the new brands and influencers, since it easily helps to get off the ground and start building your audience.
  2. Engagement boosting. Another secret growth hacking strategy that most agencies use. By accessing private engagement groups filled with influencers and day-to-day users they send various forms of engagement that tricks Instagram’s algorithm into thinking the post is popular. In return the algorithm makes your post rank higher on hashtags and increases it’s organic reach. This method works the best with highly niche relevant or engaging (emotion, reaction provoking) content.

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