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No, social networks are not just about telling your life. Social networks are nowadays real prospecting tools and, well used, will allow you figure out how to get new customers with social medias. But how though? Here is a surefire method in 4 steps.

Regularly, I am contacted by companies who call me to help them to develop their turnover. After a quick audit of their business methods, I still find the same problem.

Overwhelmed by developments in marketing and communication, these companies continue to prospect as they prospected 10 years ago: they lose hours to prospect by phone, send ridiculous emails with their offer that goes to spam about 8 out of 10 times. Oh and don’t forget the door hangers that cost thousands…

Exactly where should you focus to get new customers with social medias 💡

If you too are still prospecting with your flyers under the elbow, cold calling like a madman, you must know it: these traditional prospecting methods are no longer effective, or at least, far less effective than the latest trends.

The reason is quite simple: the consumer does not want to be interrupted to receive information but wants to pick it up himself when he needs it. Clearly, no need to run after your customers, they will come to you when they need it.

Still, you must be visible and indentifiable. In this approach, social medias are essential and will allow you to modernize your prospection.

Social Selling, or the art of prospecting with social medias

Social Selling, a 4-step method – how to prospect and get new customers with social medias which will allow you to:

  • to attract Internet users to you;
  • to turn them into prospects;
  • convert them to customers;
  • to retain them so that they become your ambassadors!

4 steps to get new customers on social medias

✅Step # 1: Get the attention of target users

To attract the attention of Internet users on social networks, there are 3 actions to implement now.

Optimize your profiles on social networks: Everything is about a question of keywords and visuals. If you want to be visible on social medias, you must first fill all available fields using strategic keywords describing your activity and used by your customers to search for you. Per example, if you are selling cars, be sure to have keywords like “buy cars *yourcity*” or “best car dealership oakland” and so on. Think about the intent to buy from the point of view of your potential customer and imagine what you would be typing in search. That is what you need to rank for, therefore providing with organic results to them.

Do not neglect any section and avoid copying / pasting. Your descriptions should be clear and motivating. Use each field at your disposal to highlight your added value and encourage visitors to contact you. The more CTAs (call to action) you have at the disposal of the visitor, the better it is… without abusing of course.

Instagram per example will offer you quite a bit of real estate to add 4 great catchy lines, call to actions and then a link to your offer, website or affiliate etc.

To attract the attention of the targeted social media users, take care also to use professional photos, reflecting your values ​​and your professional activity: we speak here naturally of a photo of profile but also of the cover photo all too often neglected by the users.

How-to-get-new-customers-with-social-medias---360-Nerds---1If we take the example of Guy Kawazaki above, his profile picture reflects “his person” and his cover means “I have enough legitimacy to speak in front of thousands of people, contact me!”.

Share quality content

To convince users to follow you on social networks and start a relationship with your target, it is important to share quality content on your social networks that reflects your expertise and to add value to your target audience.

Specifically, to be of quality, your content must meet at least one of the following vocations: solve a problem of your target, educate your target on a specific subject, deliver exclusive information, entertain your target.

How to get new customers on social medias - 360 Nerds - 4

If your content does not fulfill any of these vocations, do not share it on your social networks. The goal here is to position yourself as a visible and recognized expert in your field of activity.

Be active and provide value in groups / communities
On the vast majority of social networks, users have the opportunity to gather in groups in which they discuss their issues or interests. There are regular questions and it is an opportunity for you to position yourself as an objective expert and seeking the full satisfaction of its customers.

Integrate groups around your areas of activity and do not hesitate to regularly provide relevant answers to users. It is not a question here of making your promo to all bits of fields but to bring answers of quality so that, in the end, the members of these groups come to you in case of needs.

✅ Step # 2: Turn your contacts into prospects

At this stage of the Social Selling method, you must have gained visibility, regularly attract visitors and encourage your contacts to interact with your publications. Now you will have to identify the hottest contacts and get in touch with them to make prospects.

Identify hot contacts

How to get new customers on social medias - 360 Nerds - 2
Here, it is simple enough to regularly analyze the “I like”, comments and shares on your publications. People who interact regularly with your content are naturally very receptive to it.

If I shared an article presenting tools to communicate well on the Internet and Social Networks. On Twitter, this tweet would have generated 20 retweets and 30 likes. These people are therefore sensitive to my article and therefore potentially have a need around web communication. These can somehow be turned into leads if you play your cards right.

Connect with these hot contacts
Now that you have identified contacts interested in your content, you need to get in touch with them. To do this, simply send them a message to thank them for their interest in your publication and add them to your network. Depending on their return, you can show them your activity and then try to get a physical or telephone appointment.

The key to success here is to be clear about your intentions. Studies show that, on the internet, returns are better when someone is clearly asked something. Clearly, you want people to share one of your articles, ask them!

✅Step # 3: Convert your prospects into customers

Companies that have integrated social networks into their business development strategy often tend to complete the first two steps and stop there. It’s not bad, but it’s not good enough.

Now that you have identified and contacted new prospects, it is essential to integrate them into your communication strategy in the same way as a prospect acquired by telephone or door to door. Concretely, this involves entering all the information around new prospects in a CRM software and from there, send them ultra-personalized communications in the right time.

By communication, I mean mainly e-mailings of quality and adapted to the maturity of your prospect. You can not send the same e-mailing to a prospect ready to buy today than to a prospect who will have a need in 24 months.

✅Step # 4: Make your clients ambassadors

At this stage of the method, if you do well, you will get new clients. It would be a shame, however, to stop there: did you know that acquiring a new customer costs on average 14 times more than buying one? The 4th stage is therefore very meaningful.

For this last step, you will have to do several things:

Maintain the relationship with your new customers;
Encourage them to recommend you
Repeat the whole method with the contacts of your new customers!
To maintain the relationship with these new customers, you will simply continue to send them quality communications and touch them via your social networks. The objective here, for example, is to ensure your after-sales service, to improve the customer experience or to remind you of their good memories in case of new needs.

Think about inviting them to offline events, in real life. Even if we advocate digital, it is important to maintain a real relationship to retain your customers. I suggest you here organize regular private sales, open days or thematic breakfasts. Here, it’s up to your imagination to play!

Finally, I recommend you to repeat the method with the contacts of your contacts on social networks: “You are in contact with Mr. X on LinkedIn. Mr. X is one of our customers, here is what we can bring you etc … ”

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need anymore information on how to get new customers with social medias. We’re there to help.

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